Friday, July 20, 2012


My name is Trisha.

I feel like I have something to say. 

Doesn't everyone?

I am stubborn, full of myself, believe I am almost always right and have little patience for folks afflicted with "the dumb."

On another note, I think I am pretty compassionate. I really care for others and animals and the earth.

I am a 30 something, pushing 40, married by the grace of the government, slightly neurotic, horrible housekeeper with Martha Stewart-esque OCD aspirations, reasonably fluffy, pagan, feminist, bi-sexual, pro-choice, peace loving, nap taking, woman with continuously varying shades of red hair and glasses. I am a nerd. I am a nurse. I work at night. I am Mama to my wonderful loving cats. They are my life. I will always like them more than you, so get used to it and everything will be okay.

Then I became a Mama to Wolfgang in 2008 and Kitty arrived 2012. They are made of Awesome... most of the time. I love them. Always. All the time. ;-)

I then became a Lactavist, Intactavist, Cloth Diapering, Sort of Crunchy, Recovering Poorly Parented Child; striving to gently parent my own children, even Crazier Feminist, Co-sleeper, even More Deeply Neurotic Mama who is just trying to "Do Better" in the "No do-overs" situation that is bringing up baby people.

I found myself too late, I think. I wandered and didn't even get to have fun because I wasn't even aware of the wandering. I thought I was headed somewhere. Somewhere, where I needed to keep my nose clean to get to. Ha, little did I know.
I graduated with a degree in nursing June 2005 and I began my career as a Registered Nurse in a Pediatric Emergency Department. I worked there for 5 years and now work in Adolescent Psych. I hope to continue my education in Nursing in Women’s Health. Someday, I hope to become a IBC Lactation Consultant. Most of the time I am just really tired.

I have lots of interests, dreams and opinions. I feel like I found myself too late and am in a hurry to catch up. I am working on that too (either catching up or letting go). I hope to regain my spiritual side while maintaining my drive to reach my dreams. If I remember to I work on finding balance in my life. I hope to find some soon :-)

I have kind of conflicting wants.

I want to live simply but have stuff. I want to grow my own food, but not have to hoe the garden. I want to run an animal shelter and a women’s clinic. I want to throw pottery and fire it in my own kiln. I want to learn to blow glass.

I want to speak to the God and Goddess personally. I am not a furry but I love to wear my cat ears. I am hugely messy but anally organized (in my head LOL). I want help, but I must do it all myself. I am a horrible procrastinator but hate to be rushed.

I am always late. I hate violence. I get angry and shout a lot. I am strongly introverted but unabashedly blunt and open about my life. I am a horrible hypocrite and also a devoted follower of my own strict set of guidelines. I have a hard time making and keeping "In Real Life friends." I am awkward and weird.

I think I am no different than everyone else but at the same time extremely odd. I am me. Some people don’t like it, some people do.

How many roles do you roll with? What is your title today?


Today I am a...    Blogger.

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